Ravewerk is our signature rave dance class with a live DJ & immersive light display. The class will get you sweating & smiling as you follow our energetic instructors fun & simple dance/rave moves. There are a couple of short strength sections to allow for a break from pure cardio, whilst you tone smaller muscle groups. Let’s get raving!’

Rave Aerobics
Be prepared to sweat and smile in this high energy aerobics class. Expect 80’s moves & a banging soundtrack. You will leave tired, but totally energised. Leotards & leg warmers are strongly encouraged!
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A super sassy workout that gets you sweating with high energy dance moves (first half of workout), then gets you toned using gliding discs, hand weights & resistance bands. The playlist is full of tracks that you will get your booty moving & that you will likely want to sing along to.


Ravewerk HIIT
Ravewerk HIIT is a high intensity cardio/strength workout, with a curated soundtrack & immersive light display. You will werk every muscle in 45 minutes using resistance bands, gliding discs (amazing for your core!), hand weights & through body weight exercises.
Rave Kombat
Rave Kombat is a body weight boxing class, with our resident DJ spinning pure drum ‘n’ bass and rave bangers. The main focus is on cardio, core and fun! The class is open for all levels, so don’t worry if you have never boxed before.
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Ravewerk Boxing
Ravewerk Boxing combines strength & conditioning exercises, with padwork fitness drills to make a workout where you are guaranteed to sweat, tone & work your core. Don’t worry if you are new to boxing, all levels are welcome.


Ravewerk Vinyasa
Immerse your practice with mesmeric visuals, created by the 25,000 LED lights, inside the epic Lightbox. Red, yellow & orange lights are used, as they produce longer wavelengths, aiding with deep relaxation & sleep. The dynamic vinyasa practice is followed by deeper yin poses, allowing you to stretch, move, breath & switch off.
Learn to twerk whilst werking your legs, glutes, and core. Twerking burn calories, builds muscles, improves your stamina and coordination and you will have fun at the same time.
Rave Abs & Booty Werk
Ass and Abs workout that everyone loves made even better by specially curated playlists, immersive lighting and premium sound systems.