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6 reasons why you should exercise outdoors during a pandemic

Exercise is vital in boosting your immune system The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has raised a lot of questions regarding how exercise can protect us from infection by boosting immunity. Compounding this problem are the known negative effects of social isolation and confinement on immunity. Glucocorticoids such as cortisol are elevated during periods of isolation and […]

History of New Motion

This article is to celebrate us turning 2 years old today… History of New Motion After months of planning, recruiting, PR etc. we launched in July 2018 from Fire & Lightbox nightclub which has been our home ever since. The launch was covered by Timeout where founder Henry Weston instructed Box ‘n’ Bass (now Box […]

7 things we learnt about fitness during lockdown

The government believe that getting smashed is more important, safer and more beneficial to our health than exercise Pubs opened on Saturday 4th July and immediately it was clear that drunk people can’t social distance! The government was likely thinking of the financial impact and perhaps getting herd immunity, however, they should have been thinking […]

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